Why Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Are Essential 

Since untreated concrete is porous, finding a way to protect your industrial concrete flooring from deterioration and damage is critical. In the short term, the cheapest option for untreated concrete flooring is to leave it as it is. But, this will be the most expensive option in the long run. Over time, harsh conditions may require you to replace your concrete flooring which can be costly.

Concrete industrial floors are subject to mechanical, thermal, and chemical stresses often caused by impact, friction, abrasion, high and low temperatures, and different substances, such as acids, salt solutions, and alkalis. The risk of damaging your concrete floor can be minimized by applying the right protective coating. 

Epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic compounds are some of the most popular fluid-applied coatings, which penetrate the concrete surface and provide a smooth, sturdy, protective covering. They are super durable, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and highly customizable in terms of colors, textures, and finishes,  

Industrial Concrete Floor Coating Factors to Consider  

The following factors should be considered before concrete floor coating selection and application: 

1). Existing Concrete Surface Condition  

The flooring specialist’s first job is to examine the condition of the concrete slab. To ensure successful floor application, the concrete substrate must be in good condition, free of cracks, unevenness, or any contamination that might impede good bonding of the new floor covering. The installation team will include correcting concrete surface defects during the preparation process.

Depending upon site conditions and the type of flooring to be installed, the crew will use shot-blasting and/or diamond grinding to open the concrete surface pores in preparation for priming and coating.

2). Performance Requirements

An experienced concrete and coatings professional can suggest one or more coating options for your facility. Recommendations are based on day-to-day operations and general conditions within a specific building or area. Facility managers should provide the installer with as much information about their operations as possible to determine what level of abrasion and impact resistance the floor will require.

Since many coating systems can be combined to provide the optimal flooring solution for nearly every facility, successful coating selection greatly depends on the information provided to the flooring specialist.

3). Facility Expectations

Along with performance, there are other facility expectations to consider. Aesthetics, including colors, blends, floor markings, and embedded logos, should all be discussed early in the selection process. Budget, turn-around time, maintenance, and coating longevity should also be addressed. By reviewing these and other critical items together thoroughly, facility managers and installation professionals ensure a successful concrete floor coating project.

4). Professional Installation 

Professional floor coating installation from a manufacturer-approved flooring specialist is crucial to the success of a concrete flooring project. Because of the technical nature of today’s fluid-applied resinous floor coating systems, the many different application techniques, and the site conditions involved, most facilities need expert floor coating installation. Professional installation can help ensure your concrete coating performs optimally and provides the longevity value expected.

We Install Floor Coatings Throughout Greater Puget Sound

At Cleanstart Concrete & Coatings, our coating solutions are designed for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. These protective coatings offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. The coating is applied on-site in liquid form and cured to create a smooth, nonporous surface. They are highly customizable and available in various chemical formulations to meet the specific demands of your facility.  

Our fluid-applied floor coatings offer the following benefits

  • High-traffic durability
  • Spills, stains, chemicals, and abrasions resistant
  • Slip-resistant Options
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Wide selection of colors and finishes 
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fast and efficient installation process with minimal downtime

Choose from a wide array of coating colors and finishes. Our flooring experts work fast and efficiently to deliver the best results. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction with our work. Contact us at (253) 921-2593 to learn more about our industrial concrete floor coating options and request a FREE consultation and cost estimate today!

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