Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Customer Care

Every successful job starts with the core belief that customer care must always be the top priority.


We use every feasible technology to achieve efficiency, quality and lower cost to our customers.

Quality Control

Quality control begins by checking and double checking the results to assure it meets customer requirements.

Why Choose Cleanstart

We offer reliable, high-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for a variety of industries in the Pacific Northwest. Using the latest technologies and procedures, we provide a clean and healthy environment for you and your employees – done to your complete satisfaction!

Our business and reputation have been built on good old fashion HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and HARD WORK, and our foremost goal is to provide our valued customers with the very best cleaning service possible!

Enjoy consistent service and high-quality results tailored to your schedule and needs. Leave the cleaning to the EXPERTS and put our 25 years of experience to work for you!  

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Wendy Bayman Says

“Our company has tried several janitorial and cleaning service providers over the years. Cleanstart customer service far surpasses that of the other companies. They are always quick to respond and provide a personal touch that does not compare to any other service we have tried. Prior to Cleanstart, we were always dissatisfied with our cleaning service and were always waiting for something better to come along. Since using Cleanstart these past few years, we have no need to seek out other options. We have been very satisfied with the relationship and service from Cleanstart.”

– Wendy Bayman

Let Cleanstart Keep Your Workspaces Clean.

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Surgical Center Cleaning Services – Greater Puget Sound

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Our Full Range of Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services are Competitively Priced, Fully Insured, and Come With Quick Response Times! 

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