Industrial and Warehouse Floor Coating Services  


Industrial and Warehouse Floor Coating Solutions

No matter how you use your warehouse, it is constantly exposed to challenging conditions. Floors can experience cracks, chips, and damages due to heavy foot traffic and high-impact loading vehicles like forklifts. At Cleanstart Concrete & Coatings, we are familiar with the demands of your industry and recommend installing high-resilient floor coating. Our coating solutions are designed for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. These protective coatings offer extreme durability to withstand heavy traffic and industrial machinery. The coating is applied on-site in liquid form and cured to create a smooth, nonporous surface. Highly customizable, these coatings are and available in various chemical formulations to meet the specific demands of your facility type.

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Selecting the proper coating type that meets all project needs calls for knowledge of coating components, substrate requirements, and all performance characteristics of each type. After a professional consultation to discuss your unique operational flooring requirements, we can help you choose the right fluid-applied flooring system that will perform best for your facility’s needs. Speak with our flooring team to find out about our wide selection of coating options today.


    • Quick install options available for minimal downtime
    • For new or existing construction
    • Variable coefficient of friction (COF) ranges to meet or exceed ADA Flat Surfaces, ADA Inclined Surfaces recommendations
    • Suitable for high traffic and heavy machinery
    • *FDA, USDA, and CFIA acceptable
    • Antimicrobial and antibacterial
    • Stain resistant to acids, oils, petrochemicals, cleaning chemicals, etc.
    • Suitable for extreme hot and cold environments
    • Multiple finishes and colors available
    • Easy to maintain

    Industrial and Warehouse Floor Coating Solutions *FDA/USDA Acceptable

    The food and pharmaceutical industries have specific guidelines set forth by the FDA/USDA*, CFIA, EU standards, and other regulatory agencies. These include non-porous, seamless antimicrobial coatings which may not contain certain chemicals and additives. Aside from typical concerns like germs, viruses, bacterial growth, and safety hazards, the food processing industry may run into problems such as corrosion prevention and consistent flooring and vertical surfaces peeling.

    Typical Areas of Use 

    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Assembly lines
    • Automotive service areas 
    • Aerospace facilities
    • Food processing plants
    • Electronic manufacturing

    Cleanstart Concrete & Coatings

    Fluid-applied floor coatings have long been the preferred choice for industrial and commercial settings that must accommodate high traffic and a range of harsh conditions. At Cleanstart Concrete & Coatings, we offer stunning, state-of-the-art concrete coating solutions, ideal for commercial and industrial building types and residential applications. We 100% guarantee an excellent finish and your satisfaction with our work. Contact us today at (253) 921-2593 for a FREE consultation, inspection, and cost estimate.

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