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Clean restrooms are an essential factor in keeping up with the maintenance of your building or facility. The overall impression from your customers, tenants, and employees can all be affected by a dirty restroom which can hurt your business and put your reputation on the line. Take a look around. If trash is piling up, the floors and counters are dirty, toilets and counters are looking a bit on the funky side and it doesn’t smell fresh — then it might be time to consider hiring a new janitorial cleaning service.

According to a national survey about Americans’ public restroom preferences, unpleasant restroom experiences create damaging and lasting impressions that make it hard for business to recover in the minds of consumers. The survey, conducted by restroom fixture manufacturer Bradley Corp., shows that the majority of consumers believe an unclean restroom indicates poor management, lowers their opinion of the company and signifies that the business doesn’t care about its customers.

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At Cleanstart we understand the importance of proper restroom maintenance and care. Our team will work hard to make sure your bathrooms not only sparkle but also remain sanitary and healthy. A lot goes into the proper upkeep and care for your restrooms.  Sinks, counters, touch surfaces, and toilets must be disinfected. Floors and mirrors need to be cleaned properly. And trash and waste must be routinely disposed of.

Touch Surfaces and Sinks

Dirty and grimy door and stall handles are a big tell on how clean your facility’s restrooms really are. They are often an overlooked component of bathroom maintenance and yet they can be one of the dirtiest and germiest surfaces. At Cleanstart, we regularly disinfect all touch surfaces where harmful bacteria and germs can accumulate. Sinks can also easily be overlooked or not properly cleaned. Even though soap and water are constantly going down your sinks, they can easily become the home of visible dirt, grime, soap scum, and germs if not properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

Counters and Mirrors

Bathroom counters are going to get wet and dirty from the constant washing of hands from people coming in and out. However, they should never stay that way for long because they will start to get slimy, sticky, grimy, and unsightly. It’s important that your janitorial cleaning service regularly wipes down and thoroughly cleans the counters in your restrooms. Mirrors can also get the brunt of soap and water backsplash which can bring down the cleanliness factor in restrooms. Our detail-oriented cleaners use the appropriate cleaning solution specifically formulated for mirror surfaces and clean microfiber cloths to get rid of fingerprints, cloudiness, streaks, soap, and dirt so that your mirrors look clean and sparkle.  

Toilets and Floors

Nobody wants to walk into a restroom and come face to face with a dirty toilet. Our professional cleaners will thoroughly clean in and around your toilets with a hospital-grade product to properly ensure they’ve been disinfected. Clean floors are also a vital aspect of maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your facility’s restrooms. Dirty floors are not only unappealing and unsanitary but can also become hazardous. Slippery floors that are wet or dirty need to be regularly cleaned to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

 Trash and Waste Bins

Waste and trash in your restrooms can begin to pile up if trash and waste bins are not being properly maintained. Paper products and other items of trash need to be discarded and dispensers with old products in them must be properly disposed of on a regular schedule. It’s important that your janitorial service keeps up with waste and clutter accumulating in your restrooms. At Cleanstart, we stay on top of the trash that can pile up day after day and make sure your trash bins are clean and empty.

If your bathrooms are not up to par with your standards then it might be time to hire a new and reputable janitorial cleaning service. Cleanstart is equipped to handle the cleaning, sanitization, and regular maintenance of all your facility’s restroom maintenance needs. We will work with you according to the hours of your business and can create a schedule based on your individual requirements.

Why You Should Hire Cleanstart Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Why You Should Hire Cleanstart Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

From windows to all types of floors to hard-to-reach surfaces to bathrooms to parking lots, our highly-trained cleaning professionals utilize the latest commercial cleaning technologies, products, and equipment available on the market. We offer a wide range of janitorial and commercial cleaning services and plans with scheduling and timing options to accommodate a variety of businesses. We will create a cleaning plan tailored to meet your individual needs, schedule, and highest standards.

  • We offer over 20 years of experience, setting the industry standard
  • We have experience in providing professional cleaning services for all industries
  • We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of clean
  • We offer day and night cleaning options available to best meet your needs
  • We utilize the most efficient cleaning equipment and the highest quality products available
  • We have earned a reputation as the best local cleaning company in the Pacific Northwest/Tacoma/Seattle metro area

Our full range of high-quality cleaning and janitorial services are competitively priced, fully insured, and come with quick response times. Industries we service include but are not limited to:

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