As a medical provider, having a cleaning company you can rely on for the type of meticulous cleaning that’s required for a surgical room as well as staff that’s qualified to meet your needs is crucial. Healthcare facilities are unique from many other institutions as they require the expertise of commercial cleaning and janitorial specialists dedicated to ensuring a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected healthcare environment.

At Cleanstart, we follow proper terminal cleaning and sanitizing protocols to ensure that all surface areas and equipment are properly cleaned and sterilized in order to prevent cross-contamination. Terminal cleaning is defined as “a method used in healthcare environments to control the spread of infections.”

Although terminal cleaning methods can vary, typically it involves removing all detachable objects in the room, cleaning lighting and air duct surfaces, cleaning all surfaces downward from the ceiling to the floor, as you work your way out of the room. All items that are removed from the room during the terminal cleaning process are disinfected, sanitized, and/or decontaminated before being returned back into the room.

PNW Commercial Terminal Cleaning Services

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

In prevention of staph infections (Staphylococcus Infection), C. diff (Clostridium Difficile Colitis), MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), Norovirus, and other hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), healthcare environmental staff takes extraordinary cleaning and disinfecting measures.

However, recent studies have shown that after cleaning is performed, up to 45% of microorganisms ( fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.) can still be left behind. That is why hiring a third-party PNG commercial cleaning company to perform professional terminal cleaning services is highly recommended.

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In addition to standard procedures for the healthcare cleaning industry, procedures specific to the operating room must be strictly adhered to. Agencies including AHE/AHA/AORN have provided standardized guidelines to ensure compatibility with the facility’s policies.  

Proper Terminal Cleaning Techniques & Procedures

Knowing the proper techniques, policies, procedures, and identifying hazards are vital to any disinfection, sanitization, and decontamination process. At Cleanstart, we understand the importance of educating our staff on the proper techniques and procedures for minimizing the occurrence of HAIs and infections that patients can get while receiving treatment for surgical conditions.

PNW Commercial Terminal Cleaning Services Operating Rooms

Our cleaning team for operating rooms is required to wear proper scrub attire, gloves, a mask, a hair cap, shoe covers, and goggles. We also train our team how to properly use and discard personal protective equipment and proper management of waste flow to minimize cross-contamination. We fully understand the potential risks involved and that proactive measures are key to keeping patients and staff safe.

Operating Room Terminal Cleaning Services

Our terminal cleaning services for the operating room include:

  • Removal of all detachable objects and sanitizing them
  • Cleaning of light fixtures and air duct surfaces
  • Wiping down of all walls with quaternary disinfectant (quaternary ammonium chloride compounds of which there are about 300 varieties all with varying anti-microbial efficacies).
  • Cleaning of all items on or near the floor surface, removing those items to disinfect them, then placing them back in the room

At Cleanstart, our cleaning staff is carefully screened and trained to ensure they have the highest ethics and morals and follow policies and guidelines to ensure the highest level of service and safety. We educate our staff on how to properly handle the chemicals being used in your healthcare facility and continuously supervise and audit the services being provided by our team.  

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