Celebrate National Spring Cleaning Week with Cleanstart

March marks the first month of spring – which means it’s time to “get your spring cleaning game face on!” National spring cleaning week takes place in March — making it the perfect time to get motivated for a deep cleaning that can change your workspace for the better. Uncleanliness and clutter of areas like offices, schools, or general places of work, study, or business can lead to unproductivity and negative work experience. Uncleanliness can also lead to ill-causing germs that can make you and your fellow workmates sick!

Decluttering and Degerming

It’s easy to get distracted, become stressed, and lose focus and motivation while working in a dirty cluttered area. Well organized and clean spaces are the optimal working environment for an employee or student. Now that we understand the importance of a clean space we can get to the actual cleaning. It can be overwhelming to get started on a major cleaning especially if you have a big area to clean or haven’t actually deep cleaned in a while. Cleanstart will show you the ‘wheres’ and ‘hows’ to get started on decluttering and degerming your workspace.

Cleaning, Dusting, and Polishing Surfaces

Surfaces such as desks, tables, shelves, bookcases, and cabinets all need to be cleaned and decluttered. It is important to dust these surfaces, wipe them down with disinfectant, and depending on the material of your surface, polish it. Your desk is one of the most important areas of your workspace and oftentimes the place you will spend most of your time in the office or at school.

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It’s a place where important technology, documents, and projects may be placed, so it’s vital to keep it clean and dust-free to promote a healthy and effective work environment. The same goes for other surfaces like bookcases, shelves, and cabinets where files or paperwork may be kept.

Getting Organized

A clean workspace equals clear thoughts. It’s much easier to concentrate, get things done, and find what you’re looking for faster when everything is in its right place. After your surfaces are all clean it’s time to tidy up and organize your papers, projects, books, wires, cables, and any other clutter you might have laying around.

Find a place for all these items, important papers and documents are filed away and easy to find, books are placed back in order, wires and cables are untangled and out of the way, and waste, trash, and unimportant papers or objects are discarded — leaving a clutter-free and visually appealing space to abide in.

Floors that Sparkle

Floors are often the home of outside dirt, grime, debris, and pollutants as well scuffs and marks on hard surface flooring. Floor material such as carpet makes it easy for these offenders to hide so it’s important to really get it clean. You can use a deep cleaner to handle the majority of this task.

First, vacuum your carpets to take care of the top surface level containing debris and dirt. Next, take it slow while using the deep cleaner which will be able to thoroughly clean the rest of the carpet. Hard surface flooring like wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, concrete etc. sometimes require certain solutions or cleaning methods depending on the material so make sure to take that into account before scrubbing and polishing your floors.

Windows That Glisten

It’s important to let in natural light when focusing or studying and that might be a little difficult if you can’t see through the fingerprints and dust stuck to your windows. It’s easy for windows to get cloudy and stained on top of attracting dust and pollutants so it’s important to give them a deep clean.

This is ideal not just for sanitary and health reasons but also for the aesthetics of your space. Use a cleaning solution made specifically for glass surfaces of your preference, grab a clean new cloth, preferably microfiber, and begin thoroughly cleaning your windows. Make sure to dry them after with a separate clean cloth to avoid streaks. Afterward, your windows will be clear as day, letting the sunshine in.

 Avoid A Major Cleaning Overhaul with Cleanstart

The way to avoid a major cleaning overhaul is to hire an experienced a reputable commercial cleaning service like Cleanstart, that will keep your workspace clean all year long. You will find we will become a trustworthy resource for your office or workspace.

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Why You Should Hire Cleanstart Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Why You Should Hire Cleanstart Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

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