Why Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Office is Good for Business 

There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company to regularly clean and disinfect your office. Having a clean and healthy workspace is critical when it comes to running a successful business. For starters, a clean office shows that you care about the welfare of your employees and also reflects well on your overall business image.  

When employees work in an unclean environment, it can negatively impact how they feel about their job as well as affect overall productivity. Nobody whats to spend 8 hours a day in a dirty and unhygienic office. Not to mention that an unclean office can become a breeding ground for illness-causing germs that can make employees sick.

Did you know that the average office desk can have up to 400 times more germs than an office toilet? That’s a lot of germs that can spread quickly in a confined environment such as an office. A buildup of dust, dirt, lint, pollen, and other particulates and allergens can also cause serious health issues for people with respiratory issues or allergies.

Providing a clean, hygienic, and safe workplace will help keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive while also making sure that anyone else entering your office will see your business in the best possible light.  

Professional cleaners will get the job done right  

Running a successful business means focusing your talents and energy on the things you do best while delegating other tasks. Unless you run a commercial cleaning company, you and your staff are probably not familiar with best practices when it comes to office janitorial cleaning.

You probably won’t know how best to clean carpets or maintain hard floors or the best cleaning chemicals for eliminating bathroom germs and odors. By hiring a professional cleaning company like Cleanstart, you can focus on your important day-to-day operations an leave the cleaning to the experts. 

Office cleanliness impacts employee morale & productivity

A Clean work environment doesn’t just mean healthier workers – it also means happier workers.  Studies show that workers tend to be more content in clean, attractive, and well-organized spaces. Researchers have also found that employees report higher rates of job satisfaction in a work environment with strong cleaning practices in place.

Workplace cleanliness creates a healthier sense of community, where employees feel cared for and valued – reducing the rate of workforce turnover. Studies have actually shown that employees are more productive and make fewer mistakes in this type of work environment.

Professional cleanings will save you time & money

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you will be able to tackle workplace hygiene more efficiently and cost-effectively. Professional cleaners are able to perform their duties more efficiently than employee cleaners, which reduces the time and cost to clean the workplace.

When you leave the cleaning to the professionals, your employees have more time to spend on the work they’ve been hired to perform, rather than wiping down desks and cleaning the floors. In addition, most cleaning companies utilize their own equipment and materials, which will save you money on having to purchase these items yourself.

Professional cleanings can improve indoor air quality

Over time, dust build-up can become a respiratory hazard for both employees and anyone entering your workplace. The number of airborne pollutants is 100 times greater than it is outdoors, which can cause sneezing, coughing, asthma, allergies, and other problems for people with compromised immune systems.

Professional cleaners are experts when it comes to dusting, disinfecting, and cleaning, including out-of-site and hard-to-reach areas that are often overlooked in an office.  

Professional cleaners provide expert skills & professionalism

An experienced commercial cleaning company that’s been in business for some time will make sure their cleaners are trained in the latest technologies, products, and procedures. They will have a cleaning plan that works along with the necessary tools and equipment to clean and disinfect your workplace.

Cleaning professionals know what is required in order to maintain a clean and healthy work environment, making it a worthwhile investment for your employees and company.

The takeaway

A clean and healthy office signifies a level of professionalism and sends a positive message about your business. By keeping the work environment clean, you are also ensuring that your employees are healthy and productive and ready to serve the needs of any client/customer/patron that walks through your doors.

If you are looking for an experienced and reputable cleaning company for your office or facility, Cleanstart is ready to help – no job is too big or too small!

Why you should hire Cleanstart

Our comprehensive commercial cleaning and janitorial services are competitively priced, fully insured, and come with quick response times.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason, our 5-star quality cleaning standard is not met, we will make it right by correcting the issue within one business day.

You can be assured that our commercial cleaning and janitorial services tick all the boxes:

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