What is good customer service?

What does it look like?

In this short blog, I want to lay out a few characteristics of what good customer service looks like to me.

But before I do…I was recently in Manhattan celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife. We enjoyed the city and its expansiveness of cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles.

Now, if you were to know my wife you would know that as my daughter describes it she is a “connoisseur of nice things” and “fine dining”. During our short stay, we had a chance to explore some of the city’s historic landmarks and a few fine restaurants. That is one of the many things I love about her. Her quality taste!  Before I met her I was a Neanderthal in regards to my table manners and clueless as to what fine dining was. Fine dining to me just meant more money to spend. Yes, you will pay more when you dine at more of an upscale establishment however the experience, food quality and excellent customer service far outweigh the price gain.

During our dining out excursions, I had a chance to think about what it is that I liked about our upscale food options? Yes, the experiences are nice, the environment helps, but for me, It truly boiled down to excellent customer service! I don’t know about you but I enjoy feeling taken care of. That your needs are met and that you are considered a top priority. That is how I feel when I am receiving good service. So how can I apply that in my business? Below are a few points that I want all my customers to feel about Cleanstart.


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Good customer service people listen to their customer! No talking over someone, making excuses, lying, or passing the blame.

Being Good with customers is more about listening to needs and figuring out how to meet those needs. If you are a customer to someone then you will know what I mean, when you reach out with a need you want to know your being listened to. In my industry “stuff” always comes up. We have to know how to listen and resolve quickly!

We all know someone that doesn’t listen very well…And I’m not talking about your hard of hearing! IF your career or job requires customer service of any kind and you’re not a good listener I would recommend you slow down and practice listening to what your customers are saying.~Listening is an art~


Once you have really have heard what your customer is asking. Execute a plan and resolve it! Sometimes resolving it is not immediate in my industry. Then we must communicate that and outline the details of resolving it. There have been a few times when a customer has had an unreasonable expectation on me. However still, I exhaust all possibilities to meet those needs or resolve that issue.


When I was starting out for sales in this industry, I had a gentleman from the East Coast train me in the field. I will never forget what he told me one time. “You only have five minutes to make an impression”. Now over the last twenty years, I can say he is right! But I like to put it this way…” you only have 5 minutes to establish a relationship“.

Relationship building is the cornerstone for developing good customer service! Obviously, the scope of our relationship is limited to its natural boundaries. Yet still, we establish relationships, cultivate them, and watch them grow!

In conclusion, above are three aspects of how we provide quality customer service.

There used to be an old slogan I would hear tossed around “Nordstrom service”. We all know exactly what that means! If you have customers that you attend to think about how you can offer them “Nordstrom style service”.


As a disclaimer, I would like to say that fine dining does not always have great customer service nor is the food always great. 



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