Tips For Hiring The Right Puget Sound House Cleaning Service 

After a full day of work and taking care of the kids, cleaning your kitchen or scrubbing the toilet is probably the last thing you want to do. So, why not have someone do it for you? Finding a good, reliable, trustworthy Puget Sound house cleaning service can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never been in the position of hiring one before. People are often hesitant about having someone in their personal space they don’t know, even if it’s to meet their needs. Customers may be uncertain at first, but often decide that hiring a cleaning service is worth it because having a professionally cleaned home saves them so much time and energy. 

Here are a few tips for hiring the right Puget Sound house cleaning service to ensure that your home is both clean and secure.

1). Get Referrals and Check Out Reviews

Ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers for cleaning service recommendations. You can also search online and read reviews from previous customers, and weigh your options. After narrowing down your options, contact each service provider and request a free cleaning estimate. You should also have a list of questions to ask during that time along with any special instructions you need to give them to customize your service.

3). Interview the Cleaning Service

Before you hire a cleaning service, you want to be sure they are the right choice for the job. That means asking the right questions so you know they can do the job and the way you want it done.  Here are a few questions that will cover all the bases:

  • How many years of experience do you have cleaning homes professionally?
  • Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?
  • Who is responsible for the cleaning supplies?
  • What type of cleaning supplies are used?
  • What guarantees do you offer, and are you insured?
  • What are your rates?
  • Do you charge hourly or by service? If hourly, what can you usually accomplish in three hours?
  • Do you offer recurring services weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly?
  • What days and times do you have open in your schedule for our home? 
  • What are your terms of service? (i.e. rules or fees for changing and canceling services)
  • Will it be one cleaner or several who come to the home? Will it be the same crew each time?
  • Do you carry general liability insurance?
  • Do you carry workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Do you conduct background checks on your cleaners?
  • In addition to regular cleanings, do you offer one-time services like a deep spring cleaning or before a special event like a party?
  • What extra services do you offer like carpet extraction, windows (inside/outside), etc?

4). Ask About Employee Background Checks and Verify Liabilities

Your cleaning service provider will have access to your personal space and be near your family, so ensure they are trustworthy and responsible. Ask if they do background checks on their cleaners and if the service maintains liability insurance. Go over details about liabilities such as damaged items or an on-site injury, and get the agreement in writing, if possible.

Ask for a copy of the certificate of coverage as a reputable company will be happy to provide it. Some cleaning providers advertise they are bonded, which is a type of bond that protects the company from theft by its employees. A bond doesn’t protect the homeowner so make sure they have liability insurance.

5). Define the Details of Your Arrangement

Once you’ve decided on a cleaning service, outline the details of your arrangement. Decide how often they’ll come, what services or hours will be included, and the price. Be sure to include what rooms, floors, and items will be cleaned. Discuss any specifics about your home, such as expensive items to dust or flooring that must be handled in a specific way.

Take a walk through your home ahead of time and note any details you want to relay to your cleaner. Most cleaning services need a couple of weeks’ notice before their initial visit because it’s usually a deep clean. So get on their calendar sooner than later. 

6). Make a List of Your Needs in Advance 

Even if you’ve had a house cleaner before, now’s the time to evaluate or reevaluate your needs. Maybe your situation has changed since your last cleaner and you require more or fewer visits per month. Certain rooms may need only a quick dusting rather than a full-blown cleaning during each visit.

Kids and pets might have arrived or departed. Perhaps there was something your previous cleaning provider did or didn’t do to your liking. Be sure to write everything down so you don’t forget to bring it up with the new provider.

7). Clear Away Clutter Before Your Cleaner Arrives

When your house cleaners come, you want them to be able to focus on cleaning surfaces and spaces, not having to move aside your clutter or clear off your kitchen counter to clean. Knowing what you need to take care of before your house cleaner arrives helps maximize their time to get the job done.

Pick up clutter where your cleaner will be working and clear away any dishes in the sink. Most cleaning providers don’t wash dishes but will want to scrub your sink and countertops. 

8). Arrange Access to Your Home 

Unless you always arrange to be home when your cleaner arrives, there will come a point when you have to give them keys and/or alarm codes. Ask the professional service who keeps track of keys and who has access to them. Some homeowners use “smart locks” that allow the user to punch a specific code into a keypad or smartphone app to unlock and lock the door. When it comes to access to your personal space, trust takes time. 

Cleanstart – A Trusted Puget Sound House Cleaning Service

Living in a clean home with peace of mind is money well spent. Whether you need cleaning services weekly, bi-monthly, or when you need them most, Cleanstart cleaning pros are standing by and ready to get your home sparkling clean just the way you like it!  Our cleaners are thoroughly trained, reliable, trustworthy, background-checked, and covered by liability insurance. 

Cleanstart proudly offers:

✓ Over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry
✓ Thoroughly trained and vetted cleaning professionals
✓ Commitment to the highest standard of clean
✓ Licensed, insured, and bonded
✓ 24/7 cleaning options and support
✓ Customized cleaning solutions
✓ Recurring cleaning options and janitorial services
✓ Electrostatic spray disinfection service
✓ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
✓ OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, CDC, and AORN compliant
✓  A+ BBB-rating

Call us today at (253) 921-2593 to speak with a customer care representative about our quality cleaning services and request a free quote.  We service the following areas in Puget Sound:

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