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Post Construction Clean in the PNW. Finding an excellent cleaning company for this task can be daunting. Most companies hire temp workers that don’t care much for the bigger picture. At Cleanstart you will always have an owner on site that is committed to making your building look brand new. That is ultimately the goal for a post construction cleaning company. Your job is to sell what the general contractor built. Think of it like this, if you are buying a new car you would obviously want that car looking brand new. You would not want to see dust and debris in the car. You are looking for that new car smell and that new car feel. That is what a good post construction cleaning company will provide. There are many tasks that are involved in providing a good clean here are a few examples of areas that we clean:

Wiping down every surface area to remove sheetrock dust
removing manufacturer stickers.
detail vacuuming.
Cleaning all glass.
Wiping down walls.
Wiping down baseboards.
Cleaning electrical panels.
vacuuming out drawers and cabinets.
Wiping down drawers and cabinets.
Wet wiping door frames and doors.
Removing glue, caulking, and paint.
mopping or waxing vinyl floor surfaces.
Cleaning thresholds.
Wiping down Audiovisual equipment.
Cleaning sinks, drinking fountains, and stainless steel.
Cleaning all restrooms and removing stickers.

This is not an exhaustive list of what we do but it I hope it gives you an idea of the scope involved.

Sometimes buildings have to be cleaned several times because sheetrock dust gets into the ventilation system and re-settles after a few days. We always come back and re-clean those areas.

I just gave you a high light of the areas we clean however there is a more important point I want to make here. The most important key to being a good post construction cleaning company is having the attitude of servitude.
When you are working with a superintendent or project manager you want them to know that you are there to serve them! Here is a quote from one of our long-time superintendents.

I choose to work with Cleanstart because they are always there to meet my needs. If I ask them to do something out of scope they do it. They are just as involved in the process of turning the building over as I am. They have never disappointed me!”

Cleaning is not a glamorous job but a necessary one. Our job is to make the building look and feel brand new! Being a servant to our customer is what we love to do. There have been many times that we have stayed on the job until the ribbon cutting ceremony just to make sure our construction company was satisfied with the job performed. Here is a link to some jobs we have done in the PNW.  It is not complete but I hope it gives you an idea of the magnitude and scope of work we have done. whether it is 2500 square feet or one million square feet our principles remain the same. You deserve the very best when you are looking to have your construction job cleaned. We provide the very best post construction cleaning in the PNW.

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