Is It Time To Switch To A New Office Janitorial Service?

Many businesses rely on third-party cleaning professionals to handle their office janitorial needs, and once in a while, every cleaning service is going to forget to empty a trash bin or overlook an empty toilet paper roll. While we can probably agree that an occasional oversight isn’t necessarily a reason to switch to another cleaning service, there’s a certain tipping point when mistakes move from simply noticeable to outright annoying. In that case, it might be time to reassess the partnership with your office cleaning service. Some of the problems might be pretty obvious, while others may take a little digging and detective work to uncover or confirm.

Offices must always be clean and look professional, especially if some of the areas are either visible or open to the public. A clean work environment leaves a good first impression, makes the office more hygienic and safe, and boosts the comfort of everyone on the premises. The right service provider will keep your office clean, well-maintained, and always looking its best. That said, when you hire an office janitorial service, you are not just hiring people who are going to take care of tidying up so you don’t have to. You are investing in a clean building that meets your standards as well as the standards of your patrons and employees.

It is your right to have certain expectations about how well they do their job. Are you getting the kind of high-quality janitorial services you were promised and expect? Or, is it time to look for a new cleaning service that can meet your needs and provide a higher standard of clean?

Here are a few professional cleaning standards and signs to look out for:    

Areas often missed

Make sure you are getting the kind of clean you need and are paying for by taking a closer look at the job being done. There are a few areas worth checking for dust, dirt, grime, and trash that subpar cleaners will often miss or just skim over such as the front door, reception desk, and furniture, breakroom area, and workstations. These are the areas that employees, clients, and visitors are most likely to see and occupy on a regular basis.

A simple finger swipe test will let you know if surfaces are dust-free and a closer look to check for dirt, grime, stains, and accumulated trash should make it clear as to whether your janitorial service is doing a thorough job or whether they are skipping over parts of their work. If the garbage cans remain full, the desks are still dusty, and the break room area looks just as messy after a cleaning visit, your janitorial service is not doing an excellent job. If these issues happen often, bring them to the attention of your cleaning provider.

Cleaning procedures and protocols

There is a difference between a “regular clean” and a professional clean. Your office may appear like it’s getting cleaned but are the areas actually hygienic beyond what the eyes can see. Trained professional cleaners know the right products to use for different areas and surfaces and they follow proper cleaning protocols. Your office should receive the highest standard of clean and that includes a hygienic clean that minimizes illness-causing germs.

Cleaners should be trained on how to use different products and where to appropriately use them. Using the wrong products can potentially ruin valuable property owned by the business such as carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces/ floors such as granite, marble, or wood.

Consistent quality clean 

A professional office janitorial service should provide consistent results meaning that the quality of their work shouldn’t change drastically with each visit.  Unfortunately, some cleaners can get a bit complacent with their work overtime. They become focused more on getting the job done rather than doing a thorough job.  Check to see if you are getting a less detailed clean than you once were getting. Offering some precise feedback may course correct, but if subpar results become a habit, then it’s probably time to switch to a new office janitorial service.

Efficiency and efficacy

Most office cleaners want to be out of your way. They want to clean efficiently and speedily enough so as to not interfere with the day-to-day operations of your business. However, they should never be in a rush to get the job done at the expense of not producing quality results. If you happen to notice that it looks like your cleaners are speeding through areas a little too quickly, they may not be giving the kind of attention that’s needed for an optimum clean.

Some cleaning products require a certain amount of dwell time to break down dirt and grime and kill germs before they are wiped away. If your cleaners are wiping away the product they just put down only seconds ago, it’s likely the product hasn’t reached its full efficacy. Keep in mind that It’s perfectly fine if your cleaners are speedy workers – just make sure they are not rushing the details of the clean at your expense just to get it done. 

Convenient and conscientious cleaning 

You should be able to schedule and arrange your cleaning service to clean when it best suits your office needs and schedule. Many prefer to have the office cleaned after hours or when it’s mostly empty. However, you might not have that option and may need to have your cleaners share a space with your own team. You can tell a competent and conscientious cleaning service by how well they are able to work around your team.

However, if they are constantly interrupting your employees’ work and blocking paths, then by all means correct them. If they are consistently doing it, without regard to your operations then it’s a problem. Trained cleaning professionals know to clean the areas that your team is not using first, and to stay out of the way as best as possible so you can get on with your work. 

The use of safety signs 

If you have smooth floor surfaces, then you can expect that your cleaning team is going to leave a wet floor in their wake occasionally. All of the best products for cleaning those surfaces are wet, after all. However, truly professional cleaners are aware of the kind of risks a wet floor can create and will do what they can to mitigate this. Wet floor signs and any other markings that an area has been recently cleaned can help your team be aware of potential safety risks and to act accordingly.

If your cleaners leave a wet floor accessible and unattended without signage, it’s a major liability and you should definitely bring it to their attention. Wet floor slip-and-falls cost U.S. businesses over $11 billion a year. OSHA even suggests using barricades for extremely wet areas to keep pedestrians from walking through the mess and hazarding a slip and fall injury. If the problem continues, look for another cleaning company that follows safety precautions. 

Timely service and reliable schedule 

A professional office janitorial services can follow the schedule that you both agreed on. Depending on their own work schedule and your needs, you can find a time that’s convenient for everyone. However, it’s also important that they’re able to follow that schedule once it’s set. If they are regularly late or sometimes arrive at a completely different time, it can get in the way of your work and be a major inconvenience.

They should also have a fairly reliable schedule once they are in and cleaning. Professional cleaners will typically plan out the amount of time they spend on each task, ensuring that every area gets the attention it needs before they move on to the next. Sometimes, there is a little extra mess to deal with, which means that time allocated for the cleaning can take a little longer than usual. However, the schedule shouldn’t be erratic, changing with every visit. On average, you should know how long to expect your cleaners to be there.

You are managing the process 

Managing the work, schedule, and cleaning staff is the janitorial service’s job, not yours. When you have a professional company in place, you should rarely have to think about the process or waste time on it.  Do you find yourself constantly calling the company to report mistakes or track down cleaning reports and audits?  Does the company frequently have to reschedule due to staffing problems? Is the quality of work unreliable enough that you have to double-check it? If the service is creating extra work for you, rather than taking responsibilities off your plate, a switch might be in order. 

Quick response times and good communication 

All too often, cleaning teams will be eager to get in touch and to respond within the hour at the start of a contract with them. After all, they’re looking to get and keep your business. However, if they become complacent and if problems start arising, they may take longer and longer to get back in touch with you.

Regardless of how big or small the company you are dealing with is, communication key. If the only time you hear from them is when things are going well or when it’s time to be paid – yet they are unresponsive when things are not going so well –  it’s probably time to find a replacement janitorial service. 

Professionalism, reputation, and trustworthiness  

Before you hire an office cleaning service, examine the company’s reputation. Review customer satisfaction ratings and how the company stands in the local business community. Find out if other businesses are satisfied with the cleaning company’s professionalism and performance and if they are willing to recommend them.

A qualified commercial cleaner should be able to provide proof of liability insurance. If accidents occur on the job, insurance protects both the business and the cleaner. Also, ask to see the company’s worker’s compensation certificates and be sure to verify the company’s business license.

A reputable cleaning company will have Material Safety Data Sheets, which are necessary for companies that handle chemicals. The MSDS should be kept to determine the reactivity of cleaning chemicals with other compounds (such as flammability and health safety hazards upon exposure). Facility owners should consider certifications held by prospective office janitorial companies, such as Cleaning Industry Management Standard and CIMS Green Building. Reputable cleaners are also OSHA compliant.

Hassle-free customer satisfaction guarantee  

A professional janitorial service should be able to offer you a solid hassle-free customer satisfaction guarantee for their services. The provider should fulfill their promise to meet every requirement agreed upon when you hired them. If an issue surfaces such as the trash bins weren’t dumped, bathrooms weren’t restocked, breakroom wasn’t cleaned, or the cleaning crew didn’t show up as scheduled, it should be the cleaning service provider’s  top priority to mitigate and prevent repeats and to make sure issues are promptly resolved to your complete satisfaction.  

The Takeaway

If your current office janitorial service doesn’t meet most of the standards mentioned above, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re getting sub-par cleaning services.  When looking for a new cleaning company, be sure sure to ask questions about their methods and standards. The right fit should have all the answers, giving you plenty of confidence they can provide the professional cleaning services you deserve. 

Let Cleanstart provide you with a clean, healthy, and well-maintained work environment. 

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