How To Keep Your Retail Store Clean and Create the Best Shopping Experience for Your Customers 

Both single proprietors and mass merchandisers work hard to grab our eye and pull us into their stores. With regular cleaning and maintenance, retailers can accomplish their goals and create the desired shopping experience for their customers. Great customer service and sales begin with efficient store operations, and a clean store from front to back is an essential part of great customer service. It may seem obvious, but the impression a clean retail facility makes on its shoppers is important. You may have the best merchandise and prices in town, but if your store is dirty, cluttered, and a mess, your customers will leave and not come back. 

Retailers who fail to maintain a clean, well-maintained store are putting themselves at a strong competitive disadvantage according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll for the Cintas Corp., which found that 93% of U.S. adults would not return to a retail establishment if they experienced some type of issue related to the facility. According to the survey, the top five factors that would cause patrons not to return to an establishment  were:

  • General bad odor – 78%
  • Dirty restrooms  (e.g., floors, stalls, mirrors, odor )– 66%
  • Dirty and dusty surfaces (e.g., dust on displays, dust bunnies on floors)– 65%
  • Poor entryway cleanliness (e.g., cigarette butts, overflowing trash cans, untidy appearance) – 60%
  • – 60%
  • Broken and dirty dressing rooms (e.g., dirty mirrors, dirty floors, broken locks, lighting issues) – 56%

Here are some ways you can ensure a clean retail facility and provide the best shopping experience for your patrons so they keep coming back:  

A Pristine Entryway  

The entrance to your store should be squeaky clean, from the floor mats to the windows. Since your storefront is the first thing people will notice, make sure it looks inviting. If you have anything outside your store that shouldn’t be there like litter or debris, make sure to take care of that first thing each day. Clean up any trash stashed in planters or bushes as well as any litter, cigarette butts, gum wrappers, or other debris left on the ground.  Otherwise, people may think the inside of your store is just as dirty as the outside and not bother to come in.

Also make sure that your storefront windows are clean and shiny so people can easily peek inside or see their reflections without smears, streaks, and smudges. Dirty windows are unattractive and can signal a dirty shop that potential customers may pass right by.  For a pristine entryway, you may also want to frequently power wash sidewalk zones.

Storefront Entryway Checklist: 

  • Sweep outside entrance and pick up any debris
  • Clean glass doors and windows
  • Empty trash bins
  • Vacuum entrance matts 
  • Power wash sidewalk zones when needed

Store Area Dusting  

Retail facilities can quickly gather dust, especially if they’re situated in a busy location or facing the street. Dusty shelves, fixtures, and displays look unsightly and can detract from a positive shopping experience for your customers. A dusty store also sends the message that cleanliness is not important to your brand, which can easily turn off customers who will never shop in your store again. As part of regular cleaning and maintenance, make sure to wipe down all surfaces so that your store is dust-free from top to bottom. Don’t forget to periodically dust hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans, open beams, or ceiling rafters if you have them, as the dust from above will eventually fall down and settle on whatever’s below. 

Store Area Checklist:  

  • Clean glass displays 
  • Wipe down all surfaces, shelves, fixtures
  • High-dusting (hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.) 
  • Vacuum or brush cloth furniture, wipe arms/edges, and dust chair bases  

Clean and Sparkling Floors 

In retail, high traffic flows carry a tremendous amount of debris into the interior. The problem is that shoppers judge a facility by its cleanliness and one of the means by which they judge a facility is by the appearance of its floors. Floors that are polished and gleaming are aesthetically pleasing and make a great first impression. Whereas, floors that are scuffed, dull, and grimy can take away from the overall appearance of your facility. Not to mention, proper cleaning and maintenance will add years to the life of your flooring. A quick response to spills will improve your clean-up results, so be sure to keep solutions on hand for the occasional spill.

Additionally, the primary contributor to retail store slip-and-fall injuries is spillage  and dirty, loose, and worn flooring. This includes tattered carpeting, broken vinyl and laminate materials, uneven wood planks, cracked concrete, and all types of flooring with rough patches and loose debris. Liquid spills, litter, and stacks of unsorted merchandise also contribute to many retail store injuries.  One of the best things a retailer can do is invest in a commercial cleaning service that keeps everything safe, neat, and clean.

Flooring Checklist:

  • Vacuum, dust mop or sweep hard floors on a daily or weekly basis to minimize abrasive grit and dirt. In very sandy areas or at the beach, you may want to vacuum or sweep more frequently. 
  • When using a liquid cleaner, be sure to dry it or rinse it thoroughly to avoid a film.  
  • Blot and clean spills and spots immediately to prevent staining. Begin at the outer edge and work toward the center to prevent the spill from spreading.
  • For carpets, regular vacuuming is extremely important to help remove dirt and grime that may have become trapped in your carpet’s fibers.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional cleaning service if you are unsure of proper floor cleaning and maintenance techniques. 

Clean and Hygienic Restrooms 

The restrooms in your retail establishment must be clean, hygienic, fresh-smelling, and fully stocked with soap and paper products. One study found that 75% of customers would never return to an establishment with a bathroom that isn’t clean.

Restrooms Checklist:  

  • Clean and disinfect sinks and polish chrome
  • Clean and disinfect commodes and urinals with approved germicidal detergent solutions
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wipe partitions, tile walls, dispensers, and doors
  • Empty and clean towel receptacles
  • Replenish toilet tissue, soap, and towel dispensers
  • Remove waste paper and other refuse for sanitation collection
  • Emptying and re-line trash receptacles


Today’s consumer has an almost unlimited choice when deciding where to shop, whether it’s another store across the street or online. With this type of fierce competition, retailers need to understand why their customers return, and more importantly, why they don’t. If you are a retailer and need quality retail store cleaning services, give the experts at Cleanstart a call. As an experienced, full-service commercial cleaning and Janitorial company, we are equipped to keep your retail facility in tip-top shape and help you create a positive customer experience!

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