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5013 Pacific Hwy E unit 16 Fife, WA 98424Extreme Office Cleaning Makeover in the PNW: I thought it would be fun to show a little behind the scenes of what we do at Cleanstart. Generally, customers go with our company because they are having some need unmet with their current service provider whether it be dusting, attention to detail, poor floor maintenance, or all of the above.

Once we sign a new customer we always have the two owners and a cleaning crew start the first night and do a real DEEP clean. Much like an extreme OFFICE CLEAN MAKEOVER. The reason we do this is that we want to start the customer off on the right foot, so from then on out it is simply maintenance.

Below is a picture of a urinal that had a urinal screen covering what was lurking beneath. It is important to note that the customer was complaining of strong urine odors in this restroom. Once we removed the urinal screen we found the reason behind the odor.










This first night we tackle all the hard water stains in sinks and toilets using pumice screens. The toilets above were cleaned with a little bit of bleach a brush and a pumie screen.

In this particular restroom, this was ONE of the issues causing the strong odor. The other problem we found was that the drain in the restroom needed to have an enzyme eater poured down the drain. Many times if your restroom has a drain somewhere on the floor, dirty water will get backed up in the elbow of the drain and the water will begin to host bacteria, therefore, causing strong odors. What the enzyme chemical does is when poured down the drain the good enzymes will take over the bacteria. In time, making your restroom smell fresh. And yet another issue for the urine odor in this restroom was the walls around the urinal. These must be wiped down on a regular basis to get rid of the urine build-up.

When we start a new customer and give them an extreme OFFICE CLEAN MAKEOVER here are some areas that we tackle while in the process!

  • We wipe down every surface horizontally and vertically.
  • Wipe down garbage cans.
  • Clean the kitchen sinks really well including the drain and around the faucets.
  • Descale water fountains- what we mean by descaling is removing hard water stains or other stains that may be on the drinking fountain.
  • Detail Vacuuming-This crucial this means behind desks, underneath desks, all the corners and edges.
  • Wipe down all the blinds.
  • Clean dirty glass.
  • Clean all registers and vents

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Many times we are asked to Strip and refinish their floors while we are there. Below is an example of one floor we did for a customer.









During this extreme  OFFICE CLEAN MAKEOVER, it is our goal to clean from top to bottom! Everything must look great so that when the customer comes in the next morning they feel like they have just arrived at a new office.

Article was written by Caleb Ferling- coowner of cleanstartcferling@thecleanstart.com

Give us a call, send us an email or fill out the online contact form for a FREE quote today! (253) 921-2593  

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