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 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet in your office or facility is a major investment, but if you take good care of your carpet with regular cleanings, it can last for years and still look good. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance and end up having to replace their carpet sooner than need be.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend the steam-cleaning method, which penetrates deep into the fibers and lifts out the dirt and pollutants tracked in from outside. Steam cleaning also removes most of the moisture, so carpets dry faster. 

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Dirty carpets not only look unsightly, but they can be unhealthy as they are loaded with pollutants and grime, which can also break down carpet fibers. That’s why it’s important to clean your carpets regularly. If you want to prolong the life of your carpets and have them always looking their best, here are a few carpet cleaning mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Not Vacuuming Enough

The best way to keep carpets clean between professional cleanings is to regularly vacuum them.  Doing so removes approximately 83 percent of the dry soil in the carpet. Slow vacuuming back and forth should be done at least twice a week and more often in highly-trafficked areas. Carpet that is not vacuumed regularly can get that matted down look. Vacuuming lifts out dust, dirt, and oils from the carpet and also lifts the carpet fibers so you get a nice full look.

Getting Carpet Too Wet

A common mistake when cleaning carpets is getting them too wet. You never want to soak the carpet when shampooing or rinsing. Too much water and you run the risk of the backing or padding also getting wet. Wet padding and backing will make it harder for the carpet to dry properly and you may start to smell a musty or moldy odor.

You want to avoid mold and mildew at all costs because once it shows up, you’ll need to replace the carpet and padding as soon as possible and thoroughly clean the area as well. A professional cleaning company like Cleanstart knows exactly how much water to use and will never soak your carpet. 

Using Too Much Shampoo

Using the correct amount of shampoo is super important. Apply too little shampoo and your carpets won’t look or smell clean. Apply too much shampoo and you’ll have hard time getting the excess out of the carpet which can result in a number of problems.

You may start to see the carpet shrinking and pulling away from the wall or piles start to unravel or small tears appear near seams. When carpet starts to shrink or tear, there is no fix and you’ll have to replace it. Too much shampoo can also leave a soapy residue which will dull the appearance of your carpet and attract dirt.

Using the Wrong Stain Removal Product

You want to be careful when using stain removal products on your carpet. Just because you have a small stain, doesn’t mean you can use just anything to get rid of it. Stain remover works by using chemicals to break the electrical charge between the dirt particles and carpet fibers.

This allows the dirt to break free and the solution draws it to the surface of the carpet for removal. That being said, carpet fibers are made from a wide range of materials and must be handled in a specific way according to the manufacturer. Testing a very small area first will allow you to see how the carpet reacts to certain cleaning solutions as some can lighten or mark your carpet and can even make the stain worse.

At Cleanstart, our professional cleaners are trained in the latest carpet cleaning products and technologies and will never use harsh or inappropriate cleaning products that could damage your carpet.

Using Cheap Carpet Deodorizers

The use of powder carpet deodorizers can result in a build-up of gunk on your carpet fibers over time. Powder deodorizer is hard to remove entirely with a vacuum cleaner and when walked on, the powder gets ground into the carpet fibers which make it even more difficult to remove. In addition, carpet deodorizers only mask smells and can give you a false sense of clean which may cause you to delay a needed professional carpet cleaning. 

Just because the carpet smells good doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Not Using Floor Mats in High-Traffic Areas

Floor mats work to protect high-traffic areas on your carpet from uneven wear and tear. If you neglect to use mats, you can end up with areas of carpet that will need to be replaced much sooner than the rest of your carpet. You may even have to replace all the carpeting in your office or facility just because you failed to use floor mats, which are a lot more economical to replace than carpet. 

Not Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best option for deep cleaning and prolonging the life of your carpet, which should be professionally cleaned once a year at a minimum. Many carpet manufacturers warranties also require that carpet be professionally cleaned in order to keep it validated. 

When you need professional carpet cleaning services, you can rely on the carpet cleaning experts at CleanstartWe utilize the latest cleaning technologies on your carpet for stains and smells and even bring those high-traffic areas back to their original beauty with an advanced extraction cleaning system.

Our professional carpet cleaning services will help to keep your carpet looking brand new, extend the life of your carpet, and enhance the overall look and feel of your office or facility. 

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