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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Greater Puget Sound

Looking for a commercial floor cleaning company in your area? Keeping the flooring in your office or facility in tip-top shape is important for the overall appearance of your business as well as the health and safety of your employees and customers. Clean floors are not only aesthetically pleasing but the better maintained they are, the easier they are to keep clean.

Having clean and polished floors reflects the attention you put into your building/facility. Why do you suppose Grocery stores spend so much money on having their floors looking their best? When you are going to buy groceries you want your environment to look and feel clean, right?

At Cleanstart, our highly-trained cleaning staff utilizes the latest cleaning equipment and products to deep clean your floors and keep them looking fantastic. A thorough cleaning and regular upkeep can also extend the life of your floors.

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Our day-to-day floor cleaning services include HEPA-filter vacuums and microfiber mop pads to capture maximum dirt, dust, and grime – giving your floors a spotless, sparkling appearance. Deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing services are performed using specialized equipment and cleaning products to help restore the luster of hard floors. 

Cleanstart has been professionally cleaning and maintaining all types of hard flooring for over 25 years in the following industries:

  • Offices 
  • Warehouse/ Industrial facilities
  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Auto dealerships
  • Showrooms
  • Event venues/theaters
  • Churches/worship centers
  • Private clubs
  • Hotels/motels
  • Airbnbs
  • Healthcare  facilities  
  • Schools  
  • Post-construction clean

We will provide an onsite assessment and create a flexible program to meet your floor cleaning and maintenance needs.  We have the right cleaning solutions and equipment to handle any type of flooring including wood, laminate, concrete, linoleum, sheet vinyl, or vinyl composition tile. We use microfiber cloths and sweepers on floors that need a more mild treatment such as vinyl, hardwood, and laminate and we can remove the toughest grime, scuffs, and stains on tile flooring.  

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services - Greater Puget Sound

Flooring Refinishing 

Refinishing your floors can often make them look brand new again. After determining what type of flooring you have and if there are any damaged areas, we will assess if it needs to be scrubbed and refinished or stripped and refinished. Scrubbing entails taking off the top two or three coats of wax then reapplying several more. Stripping a floor is more involved and includes removing the old coats of wax down to the bare floor then reapplying up to five coats of wax or sealer. 

Perfect for Industrial, Commercial & Office-Grade Flooring

Our commercial floor cleaning services – Greater Puget Sound can be tailored to the type of flooring you need to be cleaned, your facility’s square footage, and the amount of traffic your floors get as well as other factors. We create customized cleaning solutions to help minimize the impact of floor cleaning on your bottom line and your day-to-day operations.

At Cleanstart, our high-quality, commercial floor cleaning services check all the boxes:

We have over 25 years of commercial cleaning experience  
We have professionally trained janitorial specialists
We are committed to the highest quality of clean
We are local, licensed, bonded & insured

We offer 24/7 cleaning options & support
We can create customized cleaning solutions
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
We are OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, CDC, AORN compliant

Cleanstart is a trusted janitorial and commercial cleaning company serving the Greater Puget Sound region for over 25 years. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason, our FIVE-STAR quality cleaning standard is not met, we will make it right by correcting the issue within one business day.  

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Our Greater Puget Sound service areas include Auburn, Bellevue, Bremerton, Factoria, Fife, Gig Harbor, Kent, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Renton, Seattle, Tacoma, Tukwila, King County, Kitsap County, Pierce County, and Thurston County. 

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