South Hill Residential Epoxy Floor Coating


South Hill Residential Epoxy Floor Coating

The floor of your home is more than just a surface to walk on; it’s a part of your living space that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Many South Hill homeowners now choose epoxy floor coating for its myriad benefits, including durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility.

At Cleanstart Concrete & Coatings, we specialize in transforming homes with our high-quality, durable, and visually stunning residential epoxy floor coating solutions. From garages and basements to kitchens and living spaces, we provide a flooring solution that meets your needs and adds value to your home. You can be assured that our skilled and experienced team delivers exceptional results built to last.

Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy coating is a premium flooring solution with numerous benefits. Its impressive durability makes it resistant to chips, cracks, and stains and easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy coating is ideal for high-traffic areas and spaces exposed to spills or other potential damage, like garages, kitchens, and basements.

Epoxy floor coating isn’t just about practicality; It’s also about style. Epoxy floors can be tailored to any home design, with many colors, patterns, and finishes available. The customization possibilities are endless, from a sleek, shiny metallic finish to a more subdued, elegant matte finish.

Epoxy is a cost-effective option, especially considering its lifespan. When properly installed and maintained, an epoxy floor can last many years, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Residential Epoxy Floor Coating Applications

  • Garage Epoxy Flooring: Transform your garage into a polished, easy-to-clean space resistant to oil, grease, and other everyday garage spills.
  • Basement Epoxy Flooring: Create a stylish and functional living space with an epoxy floor resistant to moisture, mildew, and mold.
  • Kitchen Epoxy Flooring: Get an elegant, easy-to-clean, and resilient floor that can handle spills, stains, and high foot traffic.
  • Living Area Epoxy Flooring: Give your living room a sleek, modern look with an epoxy floor in various colors, patterns, and finishes.

Each service includes surface preparation, crack repair, epoxy coating application, and final sealing, ensuring your new floor is durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

Our Installation Process

We follow a stringent process to ensure the delivery of high-quality results. Our installation process begins with a thorough inspection of your existing floor. We identify any damage, such as cracks or uneven surfaces, and do the necessary repair work. 

Here are the steps: 

1). Preparing the Surface: The first and most crucial step is preparing the concrete surface. This involves cleaning the floor thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, grease, or previous coatings. It may require sweeping, vacuuming, and degreasing the surface. If there are cracks or damaged areas, they need to be repaired and patched. Surface profiling, such as diamond grinding or shot blasting, may also create a rough texture that improves epoxy adhesion.

2). Primer Application: A primer coat is applied once the surface is clean and repaired. The primer helps to seal the concrete, prevent air bubbles from forming, and enhance the adhesion of the epoxy coating. The primer is typically rolled or brushed onto the floor and left to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

3). Mixing Epoxy Components: Epoxy coatings consist of two main components – epoxy resin and a hardener. These two components must be mixed in the correct ratio to initiate the chemical reaction resulting in a hard, durable coating. The mixing process must be thorough and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper curing.

4). Epoxy Application: The application process begins once the epoxy components are mixed. It is essential to work in small sections, starting from a corner and gradually moving towards the exit. A roller or squeegee is commonly used to spread the epoxy evenly over the floor. Maintaining a consistent thickness throughout the application is essential to ensure a smooth and seamless finish.

5). Curing Time: After applying the epoxy, it needs time to cure and harden. The curing time depends on various factors, including temperature, humidity, and the specific epoxy product used. Following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended curing time is crucial before allowing foot traffic or placing any objects on the floor. During the curing process, it is essential to maintain a clean and dust-free environment to avoid any contaminants from settling on the epoxy surface.

6). Optional Additions: Additional layers or elements can be incorporated depending on the desired look and functionality. For instance, decorative flakes or quartz chips can be scattered onto the wet epoxy to add texture and visual appeal. These can be customized to match your preferences. Once the epoxy has cured, a clear topcoat is often applied to provide an extra layer of protection and enhance the glossiness of the floor.

Why Choose Us for South Hill Residential Epoxy Floor Coating?

Choosing Cleanstart Concrete & Coating to install your epoxy flooring means choosing quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and ensuring every client is satisfied with our work. We listen to your needs, learn about your style preferences, and provide a tailored epoxy flooring solution that transforms your space.  Our team stays current on industry trends and techniques and uses premium epoxy materials and equipment to ensure a visually appealing, long-lasting, and durable finish.

We understand that an epoxy floor installation is an investment. We stand by the quality of our work and are always ready to address any issues or concerns. We offer a one-day install of hermetic stout flooring systems that are UV stable, chemically resistant, non-slip, and have a life of 10-20 years. With years of experience in the concrete and coating industry, we provide high-quality epoxy floor coating solutions. You’re not just getting a new floor but investing in a durable, stylish, high-value solution that enhances your home’s appeal.  

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our friendly and professional team is ready to discuss your requirements, provide expert advice, and answer any questions. We’re looking forward to helping you create a stunning, durable, functional epoxy floor you’ll love for years. 

South Hill Residential Epoxy Coating Services 

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