Discover effortless cleaning with the Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame. Specifically designed to accommodate wet and dry/dust pads, this 17″ mop frame is the ideal solution for maintaining cleanliness across various types of flooring. Whether dealing with fine dust or stubborn grime, this mop frame ensures maximum contact with the surface, making every sweep count. The intuitive quick-connect system lets you easily switch between different pad types, boosting your cleaning efficiency. 

Its robust, lightweight design guarantees long-lasting performance without straining your arms and back. Pair it with Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ microfiber pads, designed for superior dirt and bacteria capture, and transform your cleaning routine into an easy, efficient task. Choose the Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame for a versatile, efficient, and effective cleaning experience. Streamline your cleaning routine today.

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Rubbermaid® – HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame – 17″

The Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame offers robustness, versatility, and convenience. Its smart design seamlessly connects to Microfiber Mop Heads through a hook and loop fastener, ensuring a strong grip. When the fastener begins to wear out, it can easily be replaced, ensuring the longevity of your mop frame. 

The mop frame also features a nylon swivel joint, providing flexibility during cleaning. This allows the mop to pivot and maneuver across various surfaces, easily reaching those hard-to-clean corners. No matter the floor layout or surface type, the Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame is equipped to handle the task, making your cleaning routine smoother and more efficient.

Built to last, the mop frame is made of aluminum and coupled with stainless steel fastenings. This composition ensures durability and corrosion resistance, keeping the mop frame in excellent condition. Despite its strength, the mop frame is lightweight, minimizing strain during long cleaning sessions. 

The mop frame is crafted using non-magnetic metals, allowing it to be used near magnetically sensitive equipment, including MRIs, without causing any interference. This makes the mop frame a safe and suitable choice for healthcare environments or any areas with magnetic equipment. 

The mop frame measures 17 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 1 to 1/2 inches in height, making it an effective tool for covering a sizable surface area while still being easy to handle and store. This mop frame makes cleaning hassle-free and efficient, letting you maintain a spotless environment with minimal effort.

Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame – 17″ for Wet or Dry/Dust Pads

Product Specifications

Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame – 17″ Technical Details

  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Color: Yellow
  • Product Dimensions: Measures 17 inches L x 3 inches W x 1 to 1/2 inches H
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame Material: Aluminum with Stainless Steel Fastenings 
  • Finish Type: Corrosion Resistance  
  • Special Features: Lightweight; Nylon Swivel Joint for Flexible Maneuvering; Connects to Microfiber Mop Heads With a Hook and Loop Fastener

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Product Reviews

Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame Review by Caleb Ferling, Owner of Cleanstart, a Commercial Cleaning Company

Top-quality tools are essential to simplify tasks and improve efficiency in the commercial cleaning industry. The Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame is vital to our cleaning arsenal. A standout feature of this mop frame is the quick-connect system, making switching between different types of pads effortless and seamless.  

Additionally, the 17″ frame size perfectly balances comprehensive coverage and easy maneuverability. This frame size is versatile and practical, whether in expansive commercial spaces or around furniture in tighter areas. Constructed with aluminum and stainless steel fastenings, the mop frame is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial cleaning. It’s also corrosion resistant, which ensures longevity even with frequent exposure to water and cleaning solutions. 

With over 25 years in the commercial cleaning industry, I highly recommend The Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame to any cleaning business looking to boost productivity and deliver exceptional service quality.

Our Rating: ★★★★★
Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Mop Frame – 17″ for Wet or Dry/Dust Pads

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