Is The Graffiti on Your Property Getting You Down?

For business owners, graffiti is an eyesore and a nuisance; the sooner you remove it from your property, the better. Graffiti can damage the image of your business and the local community and invites other forms of vandalism. If offenders have defaced your property with graffiti, take action as soon as possible, or you could be at risk for:

  • Attracting other forms of vandalism 
  • Negative messaging about your company
  • Loss of business revenue 
  • Structural damage  
  • Impacting the safety of your local community

Graffiti Can Trigger More Crime

Signs of minor crimes such as graffiti and vandalism can lead to additional crimes. For instance, graffiti on your building can attract even more tagging on your building and other properties nearby because it’s assumed the area is poorly monitored. The Broken Windows theory, first studied by Philip Zimbardo and introduced by George Kelling and James Wilson, suggests that signs of disorder such as broken windows, graffiti, and litter, can open the door to individuals breaking other social norms and rules.

In New York’s “Quality of Life Campaign,” adopted in the mid-1990s, city filth, including graffiti, street litter, and signs of vandalism, was removed, and petty crime rates did drop. Some change their methods and locations in response to possible apprehension and cleanups.

According to ASU Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, graffiti contributes to lost revenue associated with reduced ridership on transit systems, reduced retail sales, and declines in property value. In addition, graffiti generates the perception of blight and heightens fear of gang activity. Each year, the US spends an estimated $12 billion on graffiti removal.

Graffiti Should be Removed as Soon as Possible

To prevent damage to your building, remove graffiti as soon as possible. The exterior paint of a building is designed to protect against the elements, and spray-painted graffiti can compromise this protection. The longer graffiti sits on the finish, the more it penetrates the subsurface and bonds with it, making it harder to remove. Materials that absorb graffiti the fastest include brick, stone, and wood, while more resilient materials include glass and vehicles.

Graffiti Removal Solutions

In graffiti removal, some jobs are straightforward, some are more challenging, and some are impossible without protecting the finish first. A graffiti removal job depends on the type of graffiti, such as spray paint, permanent markers, stains, acid etching; the type of surface that’s been tagged; and the amount of time the graffiti has been there.

To avoid costly mistakes, one should be familiar with the most effective solvents and where, when, and how to use them. The longer the graffiti has to dry, the stronger the solvent and the more complex the cleanup process will be. Time is your best tool, so don’t delay having the graffiti on your property professionally removed.

Why Hire Cleanstart for Graffiti Cleanup

Get qualified graffiti removal professionals to remove graffiti from the exterior of your building, parking garage, or even inside your facility. At Cleanstart, our graffiti removal specialists have the training, experience, and tools to act quickly and remove graffiti from residential and commercial properties.

  • Professional and Dependable
  • High-Quality Service
  • Fast Response Time
  • Large & Small Projects
  • Residential & Commercial Services

In addition to removing spray-painted graffiti on walls, we can remove it from brick, mortar, masonry, cement, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, landscaping pavers, granite, marble, sandstone, and rocks, both porous/rough or polished. We can also remove graffiti from glass, ceramic, porcelain, glazed tiles, porous tile, and grout. We use various cleaning methods and techniques, including pressure washing, hydro-cleaning, and professional-use, biodegradable graffiti remover.

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When you hire Cleanstart, you can count on customizable cleaning options at competitive rates. and we 100% guarantee our services. All of our cleaners are background-checked, drug tested, and covered by workers’ compensation, bond, and liability insurance.

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