The Importance of Keeping Your Auto Dealership Clean & Spotless

The Importance of Keeping Your Auto Dealership Clean & Spotless – A clean showroom shows that your auto dealership has considered every aspect of the customer experience and you want it to be the best it can be. A clean dealership puts customers at ease and makes it easier to focus on the reason they came there in the first place – buying a car.

In the retail environment, facility image is all too important, particularly for high-end retailers providing luxury goods and services, like jewelry or cars. The first impression customers make when they enter a car dealership and showroom, sit down in the financing office, or use the restroom can impact their decision to buy a car there. The entire experience for the customer must be flawless, and that includes the overall appearance and vibe of the dealership.

Most people have already formed an opinion of your dealership based on first impressions, which happen before even meeting with a salesperson or seeing the first car. If that first impression is not a positive one (because the dealership is messy, looks unprofessional, or is downright dirty) it’s going to be a real challenge getting them to buy a car from you. The appearance of your dealership matters. Just as you would not try and sell a car that was dirty, you cannot expect to sell many cars in a dealership that’s not clean and professional-looking.

That being said, there’s more than just the showroom to consider. Your entire dealership should be clean and spotless including the front exterior, reception desk, showroom, sales offices, customer waiting areas, restrooms, coffee areas, employee break rooms, and service department. And each of these areas requires a different type of attention to detail.   

Attractive front exterior and lot

The front exterior of your dealership and lot will be the first thing potential customers see, so you want to make sure the area looks clean, well-maintained, and free of trash and debris. Depending on the surface, the traffic, and the surrounding area, the lot and exterior might only need a daily sweep and tidying up. Busier areas may require more specialized cleaning such as power washing. Make sure the car dealership cleaning service you hire provides the type of exterior lot cleaning services your business needs. 

Shiny windows and floors

Nothing is more inviting than shiny clean, streak-free windows. A car dealership with lots of natural light streaming in from clean windows to reflect new cars can help boost sales. Make sure your showroom windows are free of grime, fingerprints, and dirt.

Showroom floors should also shine. After all, you’re not selling cars in a junkyard. Hard surface floors can be cleaned with standard floor scrubber-sweeper equipment. The use of a dust mop and/or sweeper will help remove loose debris, while damp mops can remove spills and soil. Avoid dirt on high-traffic showroom floors, in awaiting room areas, sales offices, and bathrooms with a scheduled cleaning and maintenance program from a reputable auto dealership cleaning service.  

Welcoming reception desk 

The hub of a busy auto dealership is the reception area, which is often the first place people walk up to as they enter the showroom. Since your brand starts here and you want it to evoke feelings of competency and trustworthiness, you need to send the right message from the very beginning. Just as the receptionist should be welcoming and accommodating, the reception area itself should be clean and dust-free. This will suggest to your clients that this is the way you run your business as well, gaining their trust from the very first moment. 

Clean & hygienic restroom facilities

Don’t underestimate the value of auto dealership cleaning and janitorial services when it comes to your bathrooms. When spending thousands of dollars on a new car, bathroom cleanliness is expected. Your restrooms are also a reflection of the kind of service you provide and studies have shown that one of the biggest turnoffs for people is a dirty public bathroom.

Nobody wants to use a dirty, unsanitary bathroom, which can harbor infectious diseases, germs, and bacteria. Not to mention that a gross, dirty bathroom can directly affect your business. Hiring an auto dealership cleaning service will help ensure that your bathrooms are always clean and hygienic for your valued customers.     

Inviting customer waiting area & coffee area

Just like the seats and upholstery in each car in your showroom or dealership, the chairs and furniture in the customer waiting area should be stain-free and clean. Advising potential customers to sit in a waiting room or lounge on stained, dirty furniture will definitely leave a bad impression. It sends the message that you don’t really value your customer’s experience while buying a car in your dealership and it may even make them think the seats in your cars are in similar condition.

Additionally, you cannot overlook the coffee area. People tend to snack and drink a lot of coffee while anxiously waiting for financing to clear or service to be completed on their car. Dirty counters, trash, and spilled coffee-makings in this area are sending the message that you don’t care. Any dealer that wants their entire facility to shine will also need to focus on these non-sales areas.  

Well-maintained employee break areas 

As much as you need to keep your dealership clean and presentable to the public, you also need to look after designated employee break areas in your facility such as breakrooms, kitchens, staff lounges, and restrooms. Studies show that employees are happier and more motivated and productive in a clean work environment. A happy staff sells more cars. Make sure all employee areas are regularly cleaned and maintained by hiring a cleaning and janitorial service. 

The bottom line

A clean, spotless auto dealership creates a great first impression and helps sell more cars! Improve your business’ bottom line by hiring a reputable auto dealership cleaning service like Cleanstart, the #1 cleaning service in greater Puget Sound.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services in Greater Puget Sound

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Why your auto dealership needs Cleanstart

Cleanstart provides high-quality auto dealership cleaning and maintenance services. Our cleaning PROS have the skills and experience to keep your entire dealership spotless, giving you a competitive edge. We provide the following high-quality auto dealership cleaning services:

  • Bathroom cleaning: fixtures, partitions, sinks, toilets, urinals, and restocking supplies 
  • Dusting: counters, displays, sales racks, desks, etc.
  • High Dusting: ceilings, hanging light fixtures, skylights, ceiling fans, vents, and pipes 
  • Floor maintenance: sweeping, mopping, polishing (concrete, vinyl, marble, and other hard surfaces)
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning
  • General cleaning: baseboards, entrance, light fixtures, lobby,  offices, parts department, service department, waiting areas
  • Kitchen/breakroom cleaning: countertops, fridge, microwaves, sinks, toasters
  • Parking lot sweeping, power & pressure washing
  • Stairs & elevators
  • Window cleaning (interior & exterior)   
  • Wipe & disinfect doorknobs, light switches, phones
  • Trash removal

For over 25 years, we have been delivering high-quality, customized cleaning solutions for car dealerships in greater Puget Sound. We understand that every dealership and business is different. That is why we’re happy to customize a cleaning plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and schedule.  We offer flexible scheduling – daily, weekly, monthly, and after-hours cleanings.

At Cleanstart, we guarantee the quality of our services and your complete satisfaction with every clean. Our consistently high standards and attention to detail are what our customers appreciate most about our services.

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✓ One-time and recurring auto dealership cleaning services
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✓ OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, CDC, AORN compliant
✓  A+ BBB-rating

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