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A clean, functional workspace strengthens facility production, creates a healthier working environment, and complies with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach surfaces and removing dust, grime, and dirt build-up. The reason that this process is called “high dusting” is that the areas that are being cleaned such as ceilings, ledges, skylights, air ducts, pipes, etc. are typically over 16 feet high. 

From the tops of store fixtures to exposed structural beams and HVAC ductwork, the upper areas of your facility that are neglected will over time become noticeable, undesirable and can even be unsafe. At Cleanstart, our high dusting commercial cleaning services include removing dust and debris that accumulates on hard-to-reach areas.  

Since you’re probably never up in the rafters, you don’t notice the accumulation of dust and debris until it starts falling down into your machinery & stored products. In food and beverage plants, this can result in a failed inspection by the FDA or USDA. In manufacturing, warehousing, and commercial settings, it can become a safety, health, or fire hazard and result in failed inspections by OSHA.

High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services – Greater Puget Sound.

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 Dirt, dust, and harmful debris that accumulates in the ceilings and high places in your facility can be impossible to get to and clean without special equipment. We provide safe and efficient commercial high dusting services regardless of the height and reach required. Our trained cleaning crews are experts at ceiling cleaning for commercial facilities and other spaces with high ceilings and exposed piping or other hardware. 

 High cleaning services

We use the most effective cleaning methods depending on the facility and condition and nature of the debris including blow-downs with high-pressure air (we tarp surfaces below to protect your machinery, etc.), degreasing with solvents & water sprayers, and hand cleaning where needed. The most common facilities for a high dusting service include but are not limited to warehouses, industrial facilities, car dealerships, gyms, commercial kitchens, office buildings, schools, churches, big retail establishments, hotels, and banks. 

Advantages of High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services 

There are a number of advantages to getting your ceiling and hard to reach areas in your facility cleaned regularly by professionals:

  • Improves aesthetics of your facility
  • Extend the lifespan of your ceiling
  • Costs 50 to 80 percent less than ceiling replacement or repainting
  • Ceilings can be returned to almost new condition 
  • Compliance with OSHA standards of housekeeping
  • Quick and safe operation and can be done outside of regular business hours

OSHA Standards

At Cleanstart, we provide high elevation cleaning in compliance with OSHA standards. Combustible dust is a proven danger for any industry with enclosed workspaces. OSHA fines can start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities found out of compliance with their regulations. Fines can exceed a million dollars for larger facilities with poor industrial cleaning or housekeeping procedures.

Safety First

When it comes to high dusting, safety must be a priority in order to minimize risk of an accident. High elevation cleaning requires specialist staff with state of the art equipment, given the difficulty it presents in terms of accessibility. We utilize man lifts to enable our crew to dust at high elevations while being safe. We also provide our cleaners with personal protection equipment (PPE) including helmets, full-body harness, steel toe boots, and safety glasses. We work around your schedule, including non-business hours to avoid disruptions and protect the areas below from falling dust and debris.  

Why You Should Hire Cleanstart

We have proven experience in industrial cleaning, and customer service for over 25 years years, and we will continue to develop and keep pace with all industry advancements. At Cleanstart, we strive to exceed your expectations and focus on building long term relationships with our clients. We have over two decades of experience in post-construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, and janitorial services.

Our experienced staff cares about every customer, and we take great pride in what we do. Our goal is always the same – to be THE BEST cleaning service in the greater Puget Sound region. We provide fast and affordable services and are happy to customize a solution to fit your needs and budget!

Our core customer service includes: 

  • Highly-trained cleaning contractors to service your account
  • Monthly Communication
  • 24-hour availability for emergencies
  • Personal customer service representative assigned to your account
  • Cleaners are bonded and insured
  • Background checks for all contractors utilized
  • As part of our customer services, customers may customize services provided by our contractors to fit their needs.

We will keep your workplace clean, safe, and hygienic with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the latest cleaning technologies, Our full range of cleaning services are competitively priced and come with quick response times!

  • We offer over two decades of experience setting the industry standard
  • We have experience in providing professional cleaning services in a multitude of industries
  • We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of clean
  • We offer day and night cleaning options to best meet your needs
  • We utilize the most efficient cleaning equipment and the highest quality products available
  • We have earned a reputation as the best local cleaning company in the greater Puget Sound region.

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