Finest Floor Refinishing in the PNW! If you are a building manager or office manager for any business you will certainly know that having clean polished floors are very important. why? you may ask. Clean floors are not only aesthetically pleasing but the better maintained they are, the easier to keep clean. Having clean and polished floors reflects the attention you put into your building.

Having nice looking floors also keep morale and productivity high. Why do you suppose Grocery stores spend so much money on having their floors maintained so well? It’s really a simple answer. when you are going to buy groceries you want your environment to feel clean.

Flooring Types

The first step in refinishing any floor is to determine what type of flooring you are dealing with, such as:

  • wood
  • concrete
  • linoleum
  • sheet vinyl
  • Vinyl composition tile

These are the main commercial floor types that most offices will have. In this blog, we are going to be discussing one of these types. In fact, this flooring is in about 90 percent of all the commercial office spaces out there. It is a nice floor in that if it is maintained it can keep looking good for many years. however, left unmaintained it can end up looking like an eyesore.

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Vinyl composition tile is the most popular resilient flooring today for commercial applications. These 12” x 12” tiles come in a variety of colors and grades. They are easy to install and are cost effective. VCT offers good dimensional stability, durability, impact resistance, UV light stability and heat stability.

Composition of VCT: Approximately 60 – 70% limestone/clay/talc mixture, 15 – 20% binder (filler), 10% vinyl (resin), 5% fiberglass, 3 – 5% plasticizer and 1 – 5% pigment.Vct holds all types and brands of floor finish beautifully due to its porous nature.

While assessing the floor type we always point out to the customer if there are any damaged tiles or spacing issues between the tiles. The reason for this is because the conventional way of stripping floors requires an adequate amount of water to be laid on the floor. Once that water is laid down it has to go somewhere and sometimes it settles underneath the tiles. The water as it dries can expand the tiling as it begins to dry and create what we call hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can begin to pop the tiles up thus damaging the floor.

After determining what type of flooring you are working with and if there are any damaged areas then you will want to assess if it needs to be scrubbed and refinished or stripped and refinished. Scrubbing entails taking off the top two or three coats of wax then reapplying several more. stripping a floor is more involved it means removing all the old coats of wax down to the bare floor then reapplying up to five coats of wax or sealer.

It is very important to note that if you are stripping a floor you will want to remove all the old coats of wax otherwise when applying your finish those old coats will still be visible.

Many times having your floors refinished will make your floors look brand new again. If a customer is thinking they need to have new floors installed I always recommend that we first refinish them. Many times having your floors refinished will stave off the costs and problems of having new flooring installed. Cleanstart offers the Finest Floor Refinishing in the PNW!

Article was written by Caleb Ferling- coowner of cleanstart-

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