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Commercial Cleaning Near Me

Looking for top-quality commercial cleaning near me? Discover Cleanstart, a leading name in the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry for over twenty-five years, serving the greater Puget Sound region. At Cleanstart, we take pride in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the latest cleaning technologies to ensure your office, commercial space, or industrial facility remains impeccably clean, hygienic, and safe.

Our collaboration with business owners, commercial property managers, contractors, construction managers, and facility maintenance companies is pivotal, as a clean and safe environment is essential for the smooth operation of any commercial or industrial space.

By choosing Cleanstart, our valued partners benefit from a team that brings expertise and meticulous attention to every detail. Our advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensure superior cleanliness and care while minimizing environmental impact.


Commercial Cleaning Near Me – Our Services

Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services - Greater Puget Sound


Office Janitorial:

Cleanstart can provide a clean, healthy, and safe work environment. From daily cleaning routines to weekly and monthly deep cleans, our janitorial services ensure that your office space or building reflects professionalism and meticulous care. Our highly trained and reliable cleaning crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest cleaning technologies make Cleanstart the ideal choice for your office cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning Near Me

Floor Cleaning and Restoration:

We approach commercial floor cleaning and restoration with a comprehensive system combining over two decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative products. Whether laminate, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), polished concrete, or ceramic tiles, each flooring type requires specific upkeep to prevent scuffs, scratches, and grime buildup. 

  • Our routine floor maintenance includes vacuuming, dust mopping, and spot cleaning, while periodic deep cleans restore their luster and finish.
  • Our floor buffing and polishing services are essential maintenance processes that enhance the appearance and extend the lifespan of hard floors.
    • Buffing creates a smooth, shiny finish and removes light scuffs and dirt. It works well on vinyl, linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors.
    • Polishing adds a further step by applying a protective coating or wax suitable for various floors, including marble, granite, hardwood, and concrete.  


Commercial Cleaning Near Me


Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Floor Coating:

Cleanstart specializes in concrete polishing and professional-grade epoxy, urethane, and cementitious coatings.

  • Our concrete polishing service elevates ordinary concrete floors into sleek, high-performance surfaces with sustainability and superior durability. Polished concrete is particularly well-suited for industrial environments, where floors must withstand heavy use and maintain a professional appearance.
  • Our epoxy floor coating service is excellent for high-traffic areas or heavy equipment use. Designed to endure the most challenging conditions, our high-quality coatings provide a seamless and durable finish that extends the life of your floors. Choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns.  

Commercial Cleaning Near Me


Window Cleaning:

Experience crystal-clear views with our commercial window cleaning services. From sprawling low-rise industrial complexes to towering high-rise office buildings, we have experience handling various window configurations and challenges. We aim to ensure that every window in your facility is impeccably clean, enhancing your building’s aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency while maintaining safety and professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning Near Me


Graffiti Removal:

Graffiti, created with materials such as spray paints, markers, stickers, etching tools, etc., can significantly detract from your property’s appearance and imply a lack of care. Each graffiti substance and surface type demands a unique approach to removal. Cleanstart can effectively remove unsightly graffiti from your commercial property. We use various removal methods and techniques, including pressure washing, hydro-cleaning, and professional-use, biodegradable graffiti remover.   

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Using our high-powered equipment and proven multi-step cleaning process, we safely and effectively clean tile and grout commonly used in commercial settings. Regularly scheduled tile and grout cleaning is essential for a safe and healthy workspace, preventing buildup of bacteria, allergens, and pathogens. It can also save on maintenance costs over time by reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Commercial Cleaning Near Me



We specialize in commercial High-dusting, employing high-reach vacuum cleaners, extendable poles, and aerial lifts to access and clean hard-to-reach areas like ceiling corners, ductwork, light fixtures, and beams. This practice is essential for removing dust that can circulate through HVAC systems, reducing potential health risks linked to poor air quality. Dust accumulation can contaminate products or impair machinery function in manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, and other industries. Furthermore, in environments where combustible dust poses a hazard, such as woodworking facilities or grain elevators, high-dusting is crucial for ensuring safety and preventing dust explosions.

Industrial Building Services:

Cleanstart provides comprehensive industrial building services tailored to boost operational efficiency, ensure safety, and uphold compliance across various facilities. We employ cutting-edge cleaning techniques and eco-friendly practices to keep your industrial facility spotless and efficient. Our expertly designed solutions cater to manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, distribution centers, and beyond, ensuring your spaces are clean, well-maintained, and industry-compliant.

Commercial Cleaning Near Me

Event Cleaning and Day Porter Service

Whether hosting indoor corporate events or large outdoor gatherings, Cleanstart can handle every aspect of your event, from preparation to clean-up, ensuring everything is spotless. We also provide event day porter service to ensure your venue is kept clean and presentable during your event. Our day porter services include basic cleaning and general maintenance tasks such as front lobby support, cleaning common areas, taking care of spills, emergency clean-ups, trash removal, and more. 

Power Washing:

Our power washing service is both efficient and effective, featuring hot water systems and eco-friendly cleaning solutions specifically formulated to tackle mold, grime, algae, mildew, chewing gum, and typical surface dirt on commercial properties. We safely rejuvenate your property’s surfaces, restoring their appearance without the expense of complete resurfacing.


Commercial Cleaning Near Me

Terminal Cleaning:

Cleanstart delivers exceptional terminal cleaning services for healthcare environments, where maintaining impeccable cleanliness is crucial. Our specialized approach helps reduce the risk of infections, creating a safer space for both patients and staff. We employ a meticulous cleaning process ensuring comprehensive coverage and effectiveness. Cleaners are highly trained and follow detailed checklists tailored to the unique needs of each healthcare facility, ensuring that every surface meets the highest standards of infection control and overall hygiene.   

 Commercial Cleaning Near Me

Post-construction Cleaning – Final Clean

With extensive experience in rough, final, and touch-up post-construction cleaning, we expertly eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from newly constructed or renovated spaces. Our comprehensive cleaning service covers everything from removing scuff marks and smudges from walls to waxing floors and cleaning windows. Once the construction or renovation is complete, our team diligently ensures that the space is impeccably clean, facilitating a seamless transition from construction to operation or occupancy. 


Why Choose Cleanstart for Commercial Cleaning Near Me?

With more than a quarter-century of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Cleanstart’s expertise is unmatched. We can handle any cleaning challenge with precision and efficiency, from small businesses to large corporations and projects of scale and complexity.

Eco-Friendly Practices: 

At Cleanstart, we strongly believe that effective cleaning should not come at the expense of the environment. We are committed to using sustainable cleaning products and methods that minimize environmental impact. Our eco-friendly practices include low-VOC cleaning solutions and energy-efficient equipment and techniques. These practices protect the planet and ensure your staff’s and visitors’ health and safety by reducing exposure to harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Customized Cleaning Solutions: 

We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges. Whether you need daily, weekly, or specialty cleaning services, we work closely with you to develop a tailored cleaning plan that fits your requirements and schedule. We offer scalable solutions that can be adjusted as your business grows or as needs change, ensuring that you always receive the optimal level of service.

Ensuring Your Safety:

Our team’s adherence to rigorous safety standards and protocols ensures that all our cleaning practices are conducted with attention to detail and compliance with all regulatory requirements. Our commitment to safety protects your property, your people, and our teams, giving you complete peace of mind. Whether navigating complex environments or handling hazardous materials, Cleanstart has the expertise to do it safely and efficiently.

Are you ready to experience a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant workspace? 

Cleanstart is here to bring your cleaning needs to life with precision and professionalism. Whether you’re looking for a detailed cleaning plan for your corporate office, a rigorous deep clean for your commercial facility, or specialized services for any other type of premises, we have the expertise and the tools to deliver outstanding results.

 We proudly serve the Greater Puget Sound region: King County, Kitsap County, Thurston County, Pierce County, and Bellingham, WA. The Cleanstart team is ready to provide tailored solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements or request a free quote for expert commercial cleaning near me. 


Commercial Cleaning Near Me – Serving Greater Puget Sound


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