Celebrate National Cleaning Week From March 27 – April 2022 

Join us at Cleanstart for National Cleaning Week from March 27- April 2, 2022, as we help celebrate the value of clean and the important, positive impact it has on our health and well-being and our daily lives. This designated week represents a unique opportunity to raise public awareness about the value of clean, show appreciation for cleaning professionals, support charitable causes, advocate for the cleaning industry, and more. 

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate National Cleaning Week:

Clean Up Your Space

There’s no better thing to do during this designated week than spending some time spring cleaning and decluttering your home, closets, storage areas, office, and basement. To make your cleaning week less intimidating, start with one room at a time and clean starting from the top, then work your way down. Many people overlook ceiling fans, hanging light fixtures, and air vents, so start by wiping down these items first. Then move on to washing the windows, blinds, doors, and doorframes until you reach the floor. Once you begin wiping the baseboards, sweeping, and vacuuming, you’ll have collected up any extra dust that might have fallen from above. 

Once you get into your cleaning groove, it’s easy to find yourself wanting to scrub, polish, and dust everything in sight at once. Instead, focus your energy on cleaning one room at a time, and without moving until you’ve accomplished cleaning the entire space. By designating one day for the kitchen and living spaces, another for the bedrooms and bathrooms, and another for the basement or garage, your cleaning week to-do list will feel less daunting. In addition to cleaning, don’t be afraid to move out any unused, old, or worn-out items like furniture, clothes, toys, and books from your space. 

You’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo by now—unless you’ve been living off-grid or traveling in remote parts of the globe. Her unique “KonMari” method of decluttering and organizing has inspired thousands to purge excess belongings by evaluating each item and asking: “Does it spark joy?” If the answer is yes, then she also recommends having a place for everything. Donate those extra items to a local thrift store, a charity of choice, or organize a garage sale.

Involve Extra Hands

It takes a whole community to maintain a clean environment. During National Cleaning Week, teach your children, students, employees, colleagues, and community about how they can help maintain a clean and healthy environment. Getting your local community involved in a neighborhood cleanup project can be a great way to create awareness in your area and can lay the groundwork for future waste-reducing efforts. A cleanup can also bring about a sense of community and responsibility to keep our homes and common areas safe and clean. 

Visible results might lead to heightened interest and involvement among community members in reducing garbage and food waste and preserving the environment. You could also post signs asking neighbors not to litter. The cleanup is an opportunity to beautify local common areas as well. This could be as simple as planting a few flowers, a tree, or fixing up a damaged sign or sidewalk. It’s amazing how just a few minor changes can improve the look and feel of a neighborhood or community. 

Appreciate Your Cleaners

National Cleaning Week is a great opportunity to show your support to the cleaning employees in your organization or home. People often look down on cleaners because they don’t understand the importance of these essential services. This designated week provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the heroes who work hard to give us clean homes, offices, and buildings so we can live and work in clean environments. We can support and cheer them on for all their important, hard work!

A few kind words can go a long way in making our valued cleaners feel supported and appreciated:

  • “Excellent job! Thank you so much.”
  • “Thank you for your exceptional service!”
  • “You have always been so professional in how you do your job. Thanks.”
  • “Just wanted to tell you that you did a great job.” I was very impressed.”

Support a Charity

Another way to celebrate National Cleaning week is to support a charitable cause. Cleaning for a Reason (a signature ISSA Charity) is an organization that provides free home cleanings to patients battling cancer – and understands the impact that a clean home has on a cancer patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When cancer makes life at home difficult, their network of residential cleaners and volunteers is here to support you or your loved ones. Cleaning for a Reason firmly believes that a clean home provides: 

  • Hope – Through the kindness and support of others, you’ll find a strong sense of hope, courage, and strength.  
  • Relief – By removing the burden of cleaning, you’ll find a much-needed sigh of relief, allowing you and your loved ones to focus on health and well-being.  
  • Control – A cancer diagnosis can lead to a loss of control, but a clean, organized home can help restore a sense of control and order. 
  • Cleanliness – A clean, sanitized environment is critical for a compromised immune system, patient care, and recovery. 

The ISSA Hygieia Network is an international community dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in all branches and at all levels of the global cleaning industry, with a special focus on cleaners’ advancement. Two-thirds of illiterate adults are women and many hold lower-paying and hardworking jobs in the cleaning industry.  Although women earn upwards of 60% of undergraduate degrees, less than 10% are top earners, and less than 15% are executive officers. With the active engagement and support of the cleaning industry, the ISSA Hygieia Network is launching its new mentoring program, which is designed to empower women everywhere. “As we mobilize the entire industry around women, diversity, equity and inclusion, We Will Change The Way The World Views Cleaning.” –  ISSA Hygieia Network.

The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the worldwide cleaning industry association, uses National Cleaning Week to promote the importance of cleanliness and publicize means to engage and explore educational opportunities, support charitable causes, and more.  

Cleanstart’s Non-Profit Community Initiative 

At Cleanstart, we know how important it is to give back to our community and we are always looking for ways to offer special discounts and/or free services to our local-non-profit companies that align with our values. We are all part of communities larger than ourselves, and being involved with that community is important. We believe that giving back to the place you call home helps to unite the community and bridge some of the social, economic, and political gaps. 

We also believe that a successful business is defined by much more than their annual profits, the products they sell, or the services they offer. We have recently donated our time and resources to several amazing local non-profits: Ali’s Prom Project, Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center, Lakewood Playhouse, and The Pathway Church.  As part of our mission, we want to engage with our community, contribute to the greater good, and create a culture of caring that resonates throughout everything we do.

The Takeaway

National Cleaning Week is a great time for some spring cleaning and also emphasizes the need to declutter our living and workspaces by eliminating excess items we no longer need or use. We can get rid of dirt, dust, and debris, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Maintaining a clean environment helps lower the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that cause disease and trigger allergic reactions. Several studies also show that a clean and organized environment is closely associated with improved moods, decreased stress levels, and enhanced productivity. 

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