A clean office/commercial workspace is a crucial factor in the success of any business. It’s easy for a busy office or commercial work environment to get messy when there’s so much going on and where employees spend a lot of time. It can also be overwhelming to try and keep a busy workspace clean while also trying to run a business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hiring a reputable, commercial cleaning and janitorial service like Cleanstart can be extremely beneficial to the safety, health, wellbeing, and productivity of your employees and can have a positive impact on your overall bottom-line.

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At Cleanstart, our team of highly-trained professional cleaners has the experience and expertise necessary to keep your office, warehouse, showroom, medical facility, Airbnb, multi-unit residential high-rise, fitness facility, church, or commercial workspace clean, tidy, and clutter-free as well as help you maximize the health and safety for your staff/employees. There are many benefits to hiring a reputable cleaning company like Cleanstart. We offer over 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry and can provide you with the assurance that you’re getting the best clean possible.

 Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company Pacific Northwest

Enhanced Productivity

It can be difficult for anyone to focus in an environment that is messy, dirty and full of clutter and the same goes for your employees. Trying to get work done and maximize efficiency in an area that’s in disarray can lower employee morale and efficiency and negatively impact productivity. Not only will a clean, clutter-free, and organized work environment ensure the health and safety of your employees, a more pleasing (clean) workspace can enhance productivity. And as the saying goes “happy employees = happy customers/clients!”

 Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company Pacific Northwest

Maintain a Healthy Environment

On top of being a major turnoff and distraction, a messy, dirty workspace can also lead to an unhealthy workspace.  Areas of your office/commercial environment need to be properly cleaned and sanitized because harmful germs and bacteria can grow quickly and make your employees sick. Anywhere that irritants such as dust, pollutants, or allergens can also accumulate in your space need to be removed properly. Bathrooms, breakrooms, and common areas need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis in order to provide healthy and hygienic working conditions for your employees and the public, if applicable. 

 Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Company Pacific Northwest

A Great Clean Every Time

When you hire Cleanstart to take care of your office/commercial workspace cleaning needs, you can count on our high standards of cleanliness and unsurpassed expertise to get the job done right. We understand how important it is to maintain a hygienic workspace and that is why we always adhere to the strictest health and safety guidelines. Our skilled cleaning technicians utilize the latest cleaning technologies and commercial grade cleaning products to ensure the deepest clean possible.  Having a professional cleaning service you can trust is essential to your business and peace of mind. You can expect a great clean from us every time!

Time, Money, and Your Bottom-line

Hiring a professional cleaning service can save your business time and money. Often times, cleaning tasks are left to employees which can be distracting and take time away from their actual workload. When you hire a commercial cleaning service like Cleanstart, we take care of all your cleaning needs so your employees can focus on their own job. If your business deals directly with the public,  it’s more important than ever to make sure your business environment is clean in order to make the right impression. A recent national survey concluded that the majority of consumers believe an unclean restroom indicated poor management, lowered their opinion of the company and signified that the business didn’t care about its customers.

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Why You Should Hire Cleanstart Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

From windows to all types of floors to hard-to-reach surfaces to bathrooms to parking lots, our highly-trained cleaning professionals utilize the latest commercial cleaning technologies, products, and equipment available on the market. We offer a wide range of janitorial and commercial cleaning services and plans with scheduling and timing options to accommodate a variety of businesses. We will create a cleaning plan tailored to meet your individual needs, schedule, and highest standards.

  • We offer over 20 years of experience, setting the industry standard
  • We have experience in providing professional cleaning services for all industries
  • We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of clean
  • We offer day and night cleaning options available to best meet your needs
  • We utilize the most efficient cleaning equipment and the highest quality products available
  • We have earned a reputation as the best local cleaning company in the Pacific Northwest/Tacoma/Seattle metro area

Our full range of high-quality cleaning and janitorial services are competitively priced, fully insured, and come with quick response times. Industries we service include but are not limited to:

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